Aadhaar enrolment Phase-2 in Chandigarh

Sh R.S. Sharma, Director General and Mission Director, UIDAI launched the 2nd phase of Aadhar enrolment in Chandigarh. He also talked about the improvement in the Aadhar enrolment strategy to be conducted in the country. About 20 crore residents of India have already enrolled for Aadhar in the first phase of Aadhar enrolment. The second phase of Aadhaar enrolment aims at providing upto 40 crore Aadhaar number to the people of India.

In Chandigarh alone about 7 lakh UID numbers have been enrolled of which 90% Aadhar number have been successfully processed. In the whole state of Punjab about 96 lakh Aadhaar card enrolments has been done and 80% of these have been delivered to the public of Punjab. Likewise, in Haryana about 6 lakh Aadhar applications have been enrolled. Talking about the state of Himachal Pradesh, around 36 lakh people have enrolled for Aadhar card.

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