Aadhaar and DBT only for attracting voters: Poll

With less than a year to spare in the next Lok Sabha election, the political parties have started to gear up for the preparations in order to lure voters. In the same process the central ruling UPA seems to be the most conscious regarding attracting voters to maintain their government for the third consecutive time at the centre. The UPA launched MNREGA just before the election last time and succeeded in winning the votes of the people and record their second uninterrupted presence at the centre. This time also the story appears similar from the ruling government with the launch of the Aadhaar project followed by their ambitious Aadhaar based Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme. Yes, the government’s programs appear to be a fruit of greed to a majority of people who participated in a poll conducted by My Aadhaar Card.

The poll titled ‘Do you think that Aadhaar and DBT schemes from the Government are only for attracting voters for the 2014 Lok Sabha Election?’ began on April 2, 2013 ran for 55 days and ended on May 26, 2013 asked people to cast their votes against one of the three polling options. A total of 5648 votes were casted and majority of which about 70% (3946 votes) belongs to ‘Yes’ category which means that 70% of the people feel that Aadhaar and DBT are only for attracting voters in the next Lok Sabha election. About 23% (1296 votes) people think that the government has no such intention and it only wants welfare of the people. 7% (406 votes) people are either confused or have mixed reaction and don’t find themselves in the situation of concluding any remark to this poll.


Whatever is the government’s actual intention but the fact is that majority of the people believe that this is government’s way of attracting people to claim their position for the third consecutive time at the centre.

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