90% Aadhaar letters with incorrect information: Poll Result

Although lapses and inaccuracies in Aadhaar letters are not unknown to anyone but the level of inaccuracy is certainly not known to most of us and it certainly is at a significant level. The facts revealed by the latest poll of My Aadhaar Card are really surprising and alarming for the authority and for the people of course. The project which was launched with the motive of establishing unique identity to the citizens of the country seems to be diverging from its way of destiny. One’s identity is solely based on his/her information and when it comes to biometric information, how can he/she expect discrepancies in these unique details? According to the results of the poll, besides incorrect name, address and date of birth, people have also reported to receive Aadhaar letters with incorrect photographs printed on them. These are incorrectness which is visible to even a layman but discrepancies in the details like iris and fingerprint scan cannot be determined even by the chief of UIDAI. It simply means that the identity given to a common man by the government is based on wrong information? This again raises questions on the functioning of the authority. How a person can be relieved that his identity is accurate and unique?

Poll Result

The poll began on 26th May and ran for 79 days on the website in which 10,156 voters casted their votes. The poll asked people to cast their votes against the question ‘Do you have any incorrect detail(s) printed on your Aadhaar letter?’ and more than 10000 people voted for 12999 votes. About 36.73% (4775 votes) were casted for ‘incorrect name’ on the Aadhar card. The second most voted option was of ‘incorrect address’ on Aadhar card with 27.47% (3572 votes). About 17.85% (2321 votes) were polled in favour of ‘incorrect date of birth’ printed on Aadhar card. 9.23% (1200 votes) were voted for accurate details printed on Aadhar card. The shocking and disturbing fact is that 8.7% (1131 votes) were polled for ‘incorrect photograph’ of the Aadhar card holder printed on it.

Well these are facts of about only 12000 votes but the project is not limited to these few thousand people only rather it has to cover over a billion population of the country and if inaccuracies exist at such a huge level then government surely needs to rethink about the operation of this large project. The project cannot be termed as successful only with 100% coverage and lots of discrepancies. Amassing the overall results, it can be concluded that about 90% votes have resulted Aadhaar letters with some form of inaccuracy while only about 10% votes have concluded in Aadhaar card with correct and accurate information.

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